Republicans’ Heroes; let’s Compare


We all know the democratic heroes. There were a number of them sitting in the first lady’s box at the State Of The Union on Jan 29, 2014. They ranged from a physician’s assistant in Arizona who couldn’t get insurance because of a preexisting condition (thanks to ACA, She got insurance just three days before she had to have emergency surgery for abdominal pains)–to two men that were at the Boston Marathon bombing, (One had both legs blown off and the other was taking him to get aid)–To an NBA player who came out as openly gay and an Afghan vet who was severely wounded by a roadside bomb and has slowly been recovering. There were many others and I can’t mention them all here but they are all heroes. Each and every one is a true American hero. They are that people that make this country great.

Now let’s take a look at the republican heroes. I’m not going to talk about Ronald Reagan even though he started the war against the middle class.

I’ll start with Joe the Plumber. You remember him. He followed McCain around in 2008 making stupid racist remarks about Obama. Remember, Joe was a plumber (but not quite.) I’ll give it to him though. There are many people that work for plumbing companies that call themselves plumbers. Joe also wrote a blog titled “America Wants a White, Republican President.” Such a perfect hero. Racism never goes unrewarded with the republicans.

And then there is Ted Nugent, draft dodger and self-admitted pedophile. Remember, his racist remarks got him invited to an Obama, McCain debate in 2008 and the State of The Union address in 2013. Every now and then he comes out with a new racist rant while claiming that everybody who criticizes him is racist, including Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and others. Most recently he gave a speech to the NRA in which he claimed that all black leaders were racist including Obama and AG Holder. So just who is this great hero of the Republican Party? In interviews he admitted to having sex with underage girls and in an interview with Howard Stern on his radio program, Courtney Love claims to have had oral sex with Nugent when she was 12 and he was 27. By his own admission, he avoided the draft by not bathing or shaving for a month,eating nothing but junk food for a month, as well as defecating and urinating in his pants with no clean-up for a week before his physical. A great American hero? Only to a conservative.  Ted Nugent is now campaigning with Greg Abbott in Texas.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention George Zimmerman, the man who stalked and shot an unarmed teen-age boy, Trayvon Martin, for the crime of walking to a convenience store for a package of Skittles and an ice tea. Zimmerman didn’t get invited to debates or to campaign for anybody, but he became an instant conservative hero. He even set up a pay pal account and received over $193,000 to pay for his defense. When it was learned that the feds weren’t going to give him back his gun he received another $10,000 to buy new guns. Zimmerman now claims to be the victim. In a recent interview he said he was homeless and suffering from PTSD.

Now we come to their latest hero. Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. This man is a total fake. He’s a yuppie. He spends lots of time on the golf course. Don’t get me wrong, he’s entitled to play golf, but the type of redneck he plays wouldn’t go near a golf course. He has made a fortune (I’m not sure whether he grew that beard or it is fake) by pretending to be an ignorant hillbilly. I never could understand why people get so involved watching ignorant hillbillies on TV. He made some very racist and homophobic statements. It got him invited to the president’s State of The Union speech though.

Do you notice a pattern here? They all have common denominators, racism and bigotry, the hallmark of the Republican Party. True American Heroes?  NOT. They don’t even belong in the same building as the heroes sitting with Michelle Obama.


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Faith: An Antidote to Neurotic Form of Christianity?

It tweaks me to imagine
Some massive deity, looking
Staring down on us sadly,
Great bearded head shaking.
But then, why then down?
Why is he up, not over there?
Why not on some planet
Some godly orb somewhere
Sesquatrillions of light years
Away from this silly strife;
We who chant an ‘eye for an eye’
When we mean a life for a life?
Is there some megamind
Has planned all this madness?
If so why did he leave out
Compassion and kindness
To be issued to each person
Like the number of hands and feet;
The number of fingers on hands?
Wouldn’t that have been neat?
It would have removed much
Of what we now know as conflict
Like rape and robbery and war
And other hatred that we inflict.
We could automatically think
Of the other person’s lot
And instantly count to ourselves
The great things we’ve got.
We could get up and plow
With the light of each day
Unworried by neighbors
And what they might say.
We could each train our children
How to care for each other
Naturally thinking we are
All sisters and brothers.
So, I find myself questioning
If god is so wise and good
How is it his divine creations
Are so badly misunderstood?
Wouldn’t it have been simpler
To create a kind of place
Where we are all happy
To see a stranger’s face?
Because we know everybody
Has exactly what they need;
Plenty of time to harvest
To sow and remove weeds.
And while he was at it
It wouldn’t seem too small
To make it so happen
We had no weeds at all.
For a big magical creature
That sees every single sparrow
I am suggesting god’s range
Was more than a bit too narrow.

What’s our water worth?


greenpeaceI am an advocate for clean energy. Wind, solar, alternative fuels for automobiles, bio diesel, I have written,  studied and/or read about all of it at some time or another. I see no reason, other than greed, why we continue our dependence on oil or coal. I am against nuclear power plants for two reasons. The first reason is that they have the nuclear waste to get rid of. Nobody—and I mean nobody— wants it stored in their back yard and for good reason.

Oil companies spill oil from pipelines and the transport of oil and you only hear about the ones that are so big that it forces the media to talk about it.

Coal companies spew black crap in the air and have no regret that it may be killing people as long as they can make that huge profit.

Gas companies use fracking to extract every last drop of gas from the earth and in the process contaminate the drinking water; in Barnheart Texas, they have run out of water due to fracking. California is in the middle of a drought. People are being asked to conserve and yet fracking goes on using and/or contaminating millions of gallons of water. How long before we run out of usable water?

Nuclear power plants have leaks all the time that we never hear about. The ones we do hear about are Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima. Between 1952 and 2005 there were 99 nuclear power plant accidents, 57 of them occurred within the United States. Officials claim that only 30 people have died because of them, but I’m not so sure; the atom bombs the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still killing people. It’s been over a year since Fukushima and it is still leaking its poison.

We have the technology for newer, cleaner and cheaper energy and yet oil, coal and gas companies continue to cling to the old, forcing us to accept their filth in the name of progress. It isn’t progress; it’s greed. It’s just plain old unadulterated greed.

This is what we’re fighting, and greed is very hard to overcome.


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Michael Hoyt

Monument Men

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Years ago our country was an entirely different place.  A good example of that would be a project undertaken by Franklin D Roosevelt and some of our prominent art historians during World War II.  On June 21, 1943 the president initialed a letter establishing a group that would work for the government of the USA to preserve and protect the art, historic monuments and even historic papers of the countries of Europe.  They would try to return these artifacts to their rightful owners.  Many of course could not be returned because their owners were Jews, who had been murdered by Hitler.  Our country was concerned about preserving the cultures of Europe.  Later many of  the things Hitler stole were auctioned off.

With the country we have today, do you think it would be a priority to preserve art, for the sake of European culture?  Russia wanted the art to make money from its sale. That sounds like the USA, today, doesn’t it? Our country is being controlled by greedy corporate thieves.  These thieves are stealing more than the wealth of our nation; they are stealing the soul of our country.  When a country no longer cares about its children, elderly, women, poor, workers, or sick and disabled, it no longer has a soul.

When Reagan was elected he did his best to destroy unions, and every Republican president after him has made it worse.  By destroying the unions and cutting the taxes for the rich, encouraging an inequality in this nation, the Republicans are destroying the ability of our nation to function as a democracy or a republic. With the actions of Reagan our debt grew, and continued to grow with the two Bush Presidencies.  Now the middle class is dwindling.  Most of the wealth has gone to the 1%, and everyone else has gotten poorer.

If we were the same country would our government be permitting the oil, gas, and coal companies to destroy the air we breathe and poison our water, leaving whole towns without what they need to survive?  Would it be permitting coal companies to level mountains destroying the homes and life’s work of many of our citizens?

Because of the smaller tax base the states and cities are struggling.  Many public officials have sold off the people’s assets, be it roads or historic buildings.  I have heard Republicans express their desire to sell our parks and public historic monuments. Nothing owned by us, the citizens of this country, is safe. Does this sound like the same honorable country which risked American lives to save the culture of Europe?

It makes me sad to think that our grandchildren will never know that country. The movie about the “Monument Men” was great but it made me realize how much we have lost.

FDR doc

Courtesy of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum

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